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July 18, 2017

July 14, 2017

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My Tasty Planet started when the blog world was shiny and new. I worked for a newspaper and we were showing the world what blogs could be. I wrote about something I loved. Food. Learning, exploring, cooking, eating, tasting, testing, photographing, writing about, reading about. You get it.

Food is and was the true basis of life and culture as I see it. At it’s roots, what is one of the fundamental things that defines a culture? The traditions that revolve around food.

My writing has had several homes - first on a newspaper’s website, after that it transitioned to a blogspot domain which I have lost access to through a series of unfortunate events, and now it has it’s own domain (which in hindsight, I should have done from the beginning).

I haven’t written steadily in quite some time, but cooking… well that, I never stopped doing. Life will take us around some pretty hard corners and it can feel like we are truly going to come off the rails. Cooking kept me grounded through some pretty wretched shit and gave me a calm place of zen flow. It even keeps me grounded now, because no matter how sunny things are, life moves on and there are always bits of tribulation and stress to contend with. The art of food is the best form of therapy I know. It is joy. Nurture through nourishment.

I have a very large backlog of photographs of things I have been cooking, so I will try to work on adding as much as I can while posting current projects too. I’m just glad to be sharing what I do again. Also, please note (or remember) - I am of the notion that recipes are basically guidelines and suggestions. I try to give accurate quantities, but as I am mostly not (almost never) baking, use your own judgement and taste stuff for god’s sake. Adjust as you see fit. I trust you. And, if you happen to be one of the souls who need a bit more guidance, I will try to be specific or supply links for help.

And thank you for reading!

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