June 23, 2017

It has been a less than stellar week, and yet I have tried to make some REAL food a couple of nights in an attempt to counter act some of the funk that has settled its fat ass over me. Though, I did have help through items I already had on hand in the fridge.

Monday I took advantage of some extremely pork-y stock that I had canned what seems like many moons ago after braising some pork feet and hocks (I tend to hoard bones in the freezer). I made a pho that ended up being extremely satisfying as only that deep, spicy, bright and wonderful broth can be. I had leftover roast chicken to re-purpose, and I used zucchini to make the noodles - so feeling virtuous and healthy were a natural side effect. And I must say, expending absolutely no energy on a Monday night meal didn’t suck either.

Tuesday I felt a little more interested in MAKING something. Tuesdays of course call for tacos. I had some leftover chicken tikka masala that I had made the week before. If I made some naan, we cou...

May 26, 2017

I haven’t cooked Cornish Hens in a long time. A REALLY long time. I used to cook them when I was a little girl and wanted to have an ‘elegant’ dinner party in the back yard complete with a bottle of sparkly grape juice - but I have cooked them at times more recent than that.

Sometimes there will be ingredients or dishes that sort of fall by the wayside that end up being a really great idea when it finally pops back into your head again - and you think, ‘Why the hell has this fallen off my radar?’  I used to keep a few of the little birds in the freezer all of the time when I lived alone. Though please note that these odd shaped rock solid frozen projectiles have been known to very easily shoot out of the freezer while you are rooting around for something else (like that frozen bottle of Hanger One) and intentionally aim itself at bare feet with the malicious intent of breaking toes. True story. Maybe that is why I haven’t cooked them in a while. Hmm.

At this time, my tiny freez...

April 24, 2017

Chicken Cacciatore. Does this sound retro? Do you tilt your head to the side and wonder who makes that any more? Though when you think about it, a 70s versions that resemble some type of cat sick over rice doesn’t do much to make you say - ‘Hell yes, THAT is something I want to spend an hour (or more) cooking!’

It CAN be a good thing though. Cacciatore is really just an Italian hunter’s stew, so you can basically chuck some veggies and protein together and have something resembling the idea.

I cook it once or twice a year, and when I do, I wonder why I don’t cook it more often. I’m glad when I DO remember it - it’s a good one to have it in the back of my brain when I want something different. I made it this January during my detox/reset thing when I press my grey matter to come up with dishes that I haven’t pulled out in a long time. It’s chilly in January, so a stew of vegetables and chicken fit well into what normal cravings would be. Putting it over pureed cauliflower kept i...

April 21, 2017

When I was little, I used to make a sandwich of sautéed chicken with mushrooms on an English muffin with cheese and grainy mustard. Damn tasty. This is a translation of that flavor profile.

During January when I do my detox and reset my brain in relation to how I think about the food I eat, getting creative is what (I think) keeps me from any horrific cravings. It’s actually fun to come up with dishes that fall under the criteria that I have outlined for myself and still make food that I would be happy eating any time of year. This year, since I had someone that was completely new to the detox thing, but was sweetly willing to give it a shot - well, I wanted to put a little more thought into it.

This chicken dish looks pretty, but it is extremely simple to make. Presentation has always been an important element in treating yourself well. Food that looks great tastes even better. Take five extra minutes for fuck’s sake and bring what your eating up to a higher level. Yes, I do s...

January 25, 2017

Ah, writing about food again. Rusty? Maybe. But, when you have a passion about something, it’s hard to keep it suppressed  for very long. Sometimes life transforms into a shit show and can divert you from things you care about. The point is, when coming out on the other side of things, to try and regain those bits and pieces that got jettisoned in the process of just trying to get through each day. Cooking for absolute pleasure never left me, thankfully, and sometimes it was therapy in and of itself. I have left some people completely dumfounded when I talk about cooking being one of the most zen things I do. People that don’t get it are in a class that leaves me shaking my head. It’s hard for me to believe, but I try and remind myself of a strange fact: Some people just can’t cook. I am grateful that for me, it’s pure joy. So let me try and revisit that habit that documents the things I cook, eat, and all that good stuff and try and share a little bit of happiness, enthusiasm, a...

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