Steak... It's What's for Dinner

May 22, 2017

So… my weekend was pretty awesome, even though I didn’t cook anything except some breakfast on Sunday (and that was just some typical sausage, pan fried parsley potatoes, super cheddar cheesy eggs, and some toasted and buttered ciabatta). It’s odd, I know, but the urge to cook was displaced by paying attention to two little guys that entered our lives on Saturday.

While I was busy contending with the slowly dawning realization that a couple of tiny kittens had just entered our lives (our dog was coming to terms with this as well), Lynn procured provisions for dinner. Lovely fat steaks. Oyster mushrooms and scallions. Asparagus. Some of the biggest potatoes I have seen (they weighed more than the cats). He grilled. He kept my wine glass filled. He brought flowers. He brought dessert. He overwhelmed me with sweetness.

Ok, now that I have completely sickened you with the kittens, hearts, and rainbows, can we talk about steak? I know that there are many schools of thought when it comes to red meat (or meat in general). The extremes run from ’EWWW, I would NEVER eat a cow!’ to the ‘All I eat are meat and taters.’ I think there is a middle path that actually makes pretty good sense after some serious consideration of human physiology and evolution. And let’s face it. Beef. Tastes. Good.

This January, in conjunction to my normal (and actually anticipated) detox, I read several books on just those sorts of things. How we developed; what we ate along the way; how nutrients work; how we get nutrients out of the food we eat; what certain plant and animal matter do for and to us. (I like to do that - read to feed my brain as well as entertain it with other various forms of the written word. My choices often give me odd looks as I can simultaneously be reading things like The Secret Garden, Invisible Monsters, and Blood Bones and Butter.) The Paleo Manifesto was really interesting. Brain Maker was an eye opener, and It Starts with Food was pretty informative as well.

I digress.

Steak. Eating meat.

All I can think about when I write that is the beef commercials narrated by Sam Elliot. Awesome on so many levels.

There is something to be said for beef. My body will actually begin to crave it if I haven’t had it in a while. In the past when I went full vegetarian for my detox, all I could think about towards the end was a big rare porterhouse. I salivate even now thinking about a perfectly charred beauty with Cyprus sea salt flakes scattered across the top. And what could be more fun than an old school steak house dinner with fat glasses of full bodied red wine, and beautifully aged meat with béarnaise. Again, salivating.

There are many odes to the love of beef, and many people out there who devote their lives to the perfection of cooking it (and breeding it for that matter). Smoked brisket, lovingly fat melted Wagyu, the steakhouse porterhouse, cowboy ribeyes, the perfect grind for a burger, stews, corned beef, pastrami, kabobs, tartare, carpaccio… See? And that is basically just focusing on the US.

Be it in a cast iron pan and butter basted, or over a screaming hot coal bed. Cook yourself a steak. You will feel better for it. Or better yet, savor the perfectly cooked fare presented to you by loving hands.







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